Like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc or Aphrodite… another 90s music post (fairy tale edition!)

1.  “Stop!” by Jane’s Addiction

“Sweet Porridge,” by Bobby London
(Or:  Don’t forget to say “when”…)



2.  “I Wanna Dance All Night,” by DJ Play feat. Ladivia

“The Twelve Dancing Princesses,” by Emily Carroll

Twelve Dancing Princesses


3.  “Lollipop,” by Aqua

“Hansel and Gretel,” by Gilbert Hernandez

Hansel and Gretel2

“You’re right, Captain Obvious!”


4.  “You Owe It All To Me,” by Texas

“Puss in Boots,” by Vanessa Davis

Puss in Boots

…and his wife, Lady Macadamia.


5.  “Basket Case,” by Green Day

“Little Red Riding Hood,” by Gigi D.G.

Little Red

Because…she was carrying a basket of goodies for her grandmother.  It totally made sense in my head ^_^;;


6.  “Turtle Power,” by Partners in Kryme

“The Prince and the Tortoise,” by Ramona Fradon & Chris Duffy

The Prince and the Tortoise

“I don’t like the term bestiality…I like the term interspecieality, because it sounds like special!”  — Advice for Young Girls From Belle


7.  “Poison,” by Bell Biv Devoe

“Snow White,” by Jaime Hernandez

Snow White


8.  “Cats in the Cradle,” by Ugly Kid Joe

“The Boy Who Drew Cats,” by Luke Pearson

The Boy Who Drew Cats


9.  “Say My Name,” by Destiny’s Child

“Rumplestiltskin,” by Brett Helquist


Oh, come now, it can’t be that hard to turn straw into gold…and the threat of death if you fail just makes it more exciting!


10.  “Don’t Drink the Water,” by Dave Matthews Band

“Rabbit Will Not Help,” by Joseph Lambert
based on a Bre’r Rabbit tale (as told by Dora Lee Newman)

Rabbit Will Not Help   Rabbit2


11.  “She’s So High,” by Tal Bachman

“Rapunzel,” by Raina Telgemeier



Wait, I changed my mind — I want katniss instead!  KATNISS!!!


12.  “A Dog Is a Dog,” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

“The Small-Tooth Dog,” by Charise Mericle Harper

Small Tooth Dog

Could that be a Hitchhiker’s Guide reference? 😀


13.  “Nobody Home,” by Amy Grant

“Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” by Graham Annable

Goldilocks and the Three Bears


14.  “You Get What You Give,” by New Radicals

“Baba Yaga,” by Jillian Tamaki

Baba Yaga


15.  “The Animal Song,” by Savage Garden

“Bremen Town,” by Karl Kerschl

Bremen Town Musicians


16.  “Giving Him Something He Can Feel,” by En Vogue

“Give Me the Shudders,” by David Mazzucchelli

Give Me the Shudders


17.  “Here’s Where the Story Ends,” by The Sundays

“Azzolino’s Story Without End,” by Craig Thompson

Azolino's Story Without End

Azolino's Story 2

In my head, the kid sounds like Dexter, from Dexter’s Laboratory.  Speaking of which, check out this episode — it’s a fairy tale parody!


  1. I didn’t get many of these, but “Rabbit Will Not Help” was one of my favourites from this book.

    • Some of the stories were completely new to me, including “Rabbit” (I like Lambert’s art style…the way he drew the music was a bit confusing to me, though), as well as “Azzolino” and “The Prince and the Tortoise.” I wasn’t sure how many people would be able to guess those ones ^_^;;

  2. OMG! I totally didn’t get all of them (not even close) but a few of them made me laugh out loud! I love the comic and song you picked out for Rapunzel. Also, “Say My Name” had me rolling. Great job! These were awesome!

    • Thank you! It was hard to pick fitting songs for some of the stories (like Little Red Riding Hood…uh…baskets! Basket Case! 🙂 ), but it was fun.

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