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Happy October-versary to me!

Of course Toby’d wear a bloody Tolkien t-shirt under that leather jacket. Five Octobers ago, sj introduced me to a wonderful selkie novella called In Sea-Salt Tears, and thus pulled me into Seanan McGuire’s amazing Faerie-verse. Like a totally normal … Continue reading

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Ghastly stories for the biggest scare-seekers

Do you keep a night light on on Halloween, just in case?  Do thoughts of the undead keep you unrested?  Or are you all about the vampire bats and the plague-haunted castles and the vengeful murder victims come back to … Continue reading

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Halloween board books for the youngest goblins (and anyone who likes a fun story)

Halloween Month continues with the following series of seasonal stories for the youngest readers.  Today, we are going to look at five board books perfect for getting babies and toddlers (and anyone who enjoys a fun story) into the spirit … Continue reading

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Nostalgic Double Feature: October Edition

It’s that awesomest time of year again, the month for reading spooky, paranormal stories; stocking up on snack-size Butterfingers; and putting together your kick-@$$ October Daye costume. This month, I’m prepared with several Halloween posts featuring nostalgic middle grade titles, … Continue reading

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“A living flood of night”

Sarah Porter.  Vassa in the Night.  New York: Tor Books, 2016. Rating:  4 out of 5 lilac-nailed disembodied hands who would love to chop your head off. This was a good choice for Halloween, what with much of the story taking … Continue reading

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Haunted dolls and other ghostly, spine-tingling nightmares

‘Tis the season for reading spooky stories, so in addition to Holly Black’s Doll Bones, I’ve also been reading some of Bruce Coville’s anthologies — namely, his Books of Ghosts, Nightmares, and Spine Tinglers. Holly Black.  Doll Bones.  New York: Margaret … Continue reading

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Triple Creature Feature

       Two of these story collections were recommended by Eric Smith of BookRiot as creepy collections perfect for Halloween. To me, though, Halloween is about more than just the fear factor. Like Bruce Coville,* I associate Halloween with magic. With … Continue reading

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And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for:  the results of the progressive Halloween story game! . . . . . . . . Voldemort, Sauron, and Frankenstein’s Monster walk into a bar.  The bartender glances up and without … Continue reading

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Country pumpkins

Just a little Hallowe’en humor for y’all.  I miss Fox Trot — it’s not gone or anything; I just haven’t followed it in a while.  And hey, look, a Lithuania reference! 😀 Don’t forget, the progressive story game is still … Continue reading

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Cheesy Halloween game, anyone?

So, I stopped into my local Caribou Coffee this morning, and today’s trivia question was:  “What novel began as a competition among friends to write the best horror story?”  (shout out if you know the answer.  I can’t give you … Continue reading

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