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“Don’t you love the cold forest? Doesn’t the howl of the wolf thrill you through with fearful delight?”

I’ve been following the reading list on an online syllabus for “Fairy Tales Then and Now,” a course at Rutgers.  The first two units focus on versions of Little Red Riding Hood and disobedience tales like Bluebeard, in versions from Charles … Continue reading

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“A living flood of night”

Sarah Porter.  Vassa in the Night.  New York: Tor Books, 2016. Rating:  4 out of 5 lilac-nailed disembodied hands who would love to chop your head off. This was a good choice for Halloween, what with much of the story taking … Continue reading

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Poisoned apples, twisted tales, and mer-lore

  Yep, it’s time for more re-worked fairy tale collections, including another Windling/Datlow book!  Hey, I’ll keep reviewing them as long as I keep finding ’em 🙂 Christine Heppermann. Poisoned Apples: Poems for You, My Pretty. New York: Greenwillow Books, 2014. This … Continue reading

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Haunted dolls and other ghostly, spine-tingling nightmares

‘Tis the season for reading spooky stories, so in addition to Holly Black’s Doll Bones, I’ve also been reading some of Bruce Coville’s anthologies — namely, his Books of Ghosts, Nightmares, and Spine Tinglers. Holly Black.  Doll Bones.  New York: Margaret … Continue reading

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Triple Creature Feature

       Two of these story collections were recommended by Eric Smith of BookRiot as creepy collections perfect for Halloween. To me, though, Halloween is about more than just the fear factor. Like Bruce Coville,* I associate Halloween with magic. With … Continue reading

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Month of Shorts

May was Short Story Month, so over the past few weeks, in addition to sampling a few anthologies, I decided to tackle all of Seanan McGuire’s Toby stories/novellas.  Some highlights: “Through This House” — in between Late Eclipses and One Salt Sea, Toby enters the … Continue reading

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Board Book Bonanza

Back in August, Rachel Smalter Hall of BookRiot offered a list of titles for the very newest readers – “A Bookish Parent’s Guide to Baby’s First Library.”  With titles like Moby Dick: an Ocean Primer and The Game of Let’s Go, the list inspired … Continue reading

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2014 Favorites

Edit 02/07/15:  Ack! I missed a few.  See the amended “More Books” section, below. Let’s take a quick look back at 2014… My favorite books reviewed here @ Postcards: (click on each cover for the review)       Favorite books reviewed … Continue reading

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2013 Hall o’ Faves

Edit 01-06-14:  Cannot. Believe. I left out the Sherlock Holmes stories (Vol. 2 of the Barnes & Noble ed.; I read Vol. 1 in 2012). Cannot. Believe it. (Shut up, Naruto.) Edit:  Oops! Missed one. Sorry ’bout that, October Daye … Continue reading

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Cheesy Halloween game, anyone?

So, I stopped into my local Caribou Coffee this morning, and today’s trivia question was:  “What novel began as a competition among friends to write the best horror story?”  (shout out if you know the answer.  I can’t give you … Continue reading

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